Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Monsoon is over!!

Monsoon is over! 

Summer arrived in a blaze of heat almost hot enough to fry the wings off the mosquitoes. Poor little darlin’s were happily laying eggs in all the puddles of water, the bird baths, the cat’s watering dish, anywhere they could find a nice wet little patch of land to set up homesteading. And then presto, the puddles started to dry up and the water in the other places started to boil. There went all their hard work up in steam. The mosquito population in our back yard would not explode this year after all. 

That is Oklahoma weather for you. It’s never boring and pretty often the poor old weatherman is just predicting in the dark. He might inform us that tomorrow is going to be sunny and we’ll have a tornado whip up in the southwest. Or tell us that it’ll rain and get our hopes all up in July and the rain clouds will go around us.

But right now, in spite of the heat, we are rejoicing that the rain has ceased. The rivers and creeks have stopped flowing because everything is full where they want to go. The water is stagnant so the mosquitoes are relocating to that area. I’m sure they are gentrifying the place, building cute little larvae nests everywhere.

We still have plenty of mosquitoes and I feel sorry for folks who don’t have to shoo them away from the front door or swat them in the back yard. Although their baby population turned into sushi for the birds, the adults are only slightly smaller than  Texas buzzards and sit in wait for someone to donate blood to their ever depleted blood bank. 

So if any of y’all want some of the critters for your own yard or front porch, I’m giving away all you can haul off. Bring your own jars or buckets. Do not be worried if you kill a few in the harvesting process. There’s plenty for everyone. No charge; not even for the ones that are full of my blood!

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