Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Life After Wife...

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All’s fair in love and war, and Sophie is determined to win the battle for her aunt Maud’s cattle ranch—even if it means fighting Elijah, a rude ex-military man. But it seems that even from the grave Aunt Maud is still matchmaking; her will states that both Sophie and Elijah must share the ranch evenly, and neither wants to give up a share. But Sophie’s main focus is on the ranch, not romance; she just put her life back together after being betrayed in her previous marriage.
As the two work side by side, their feelings begin to change. But before they can find their happily ever after, Elijah must see through Sophie’s hard armor to the sweet soul beneath, and Sophie must help Elijah overcome his wartime nightmares of fallen friends. In Life After Wife, second chances and true love are strong, triumphing amid heartache and despair.

Life After Wife is the third and final book in the Three Magic Words Trilogy.

The first one is

Fancy Lynn Sawyer says that before she'll even think about the M word, a man has to say the three magic words, but 'I love you' isn't enough. He has to promise her a forever thing. She intends to find her forever thing in Florida, her home since she was fifteen, so she wasn't even looking for it when she comes to Texas to help her grandmother. With a job at the elementary school lined up, Fancy Lynn moves but she intends to stay only until her grandmother regains her health.
Theron Warren has absolutely no intention of falling in love again. His one failed marriage was painful enough. As an elementary school principal, part-time cop, and full-time ranch owner, he doesn't have time for the sassy woman who suddenly appears in his life: first in the jailhouse, then at his school and soon everywhere he turns.
Fate is trying to tell Fancy Lynn and Theron that they are soul mates, but is having a tough time convincing them.

The second one is

Hart Ducaine was the love of Kate Miller's life, but he hadn't been interested in a long-term relationship with her fifteen years before. So why should she trust him now? There is no way he will ever be her knight in shining . . . she can't remember the word . . . knight in shining whatever!
A professional bull rider turned rancher, Hart only has eyes for Kate, but she is one sassy piece of baggage -- even more so than back when she was a teenager and she'd first caught his eye.
Trust is hard to regain once it's been broken, and neither of them are willing to take chances with matters of the heart -- not anymore. And then Kate's Cajun grandmother, Maw Maw, and some of her other relatives set a plan into motion to abandon the two on a primitive island in the bayou. No cell phones. No electricity. No running water. And no one to talk to except each other.
Will they figure out what Maw Maw already knows: that fate is drawing them together and they need to learn to trust their hearts?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Win a copy of The Lullaby Sky...

100 e-book copies of The Lullaby Sky are up for grabs at Goodreads. To win a copy all you do is click RIGHT HERE and enter the contest! Good luck and happy reading.

After seven years of misery and abuse, it’s all over—Hannah O’Malley is officially divorced. Hallelujah. It’s like every Christmas in her life all rolled up into one glorious day. Not only does Hannah get to keep her grandmother’s spacious old house, but she has full custody of her sparky five-year-old daughter. All Hannah has to do now is put the past behind her.
And now that she’s free, she wants to make a difference. With the help of her warm, close-knit circle of friends—including her high school crush, Travis Wilson—Hannah begins turning her home into a safe house for other women who’ve endured the pain she’s known. But even as life and laughter return to Hannah’s home, she’s haunted by the memory of her dangerously unstable ex. With a second chance at love on the horizon, Hannah must face down her past in order to let the sunshine back into her life.

Friday, August 12, 2016


Like the song says we were two young people who didn't have a thing, just livin' on love. We were from two different worlds even though we didn't need a passport to go from one to the other. I was the wild child Rebel and he was the very conservatively raised Yankee. Since the marriage wasn't going to make it to the six month line and maybe not past six weeks, there was no wedding shower. After all, why waste their money on towels and sheets when the wild child would leave and go back to the south when the dust and lust settled.

So my first kitchen had a blue granite roasting pan with an uneven bottom and a 9x11 cake pan. We bought four forks, knifes and spoons at the five and dime for ten cents each (a total of one dollar and twenty cents) and my sister-in-law, who became my best friend, gave us a set of Melamine dishes or we would have been sharing our supper in the cake pan each evening. Mr. B never complained a single time about eating fried eggs with ruffled bottoms or bacon that was slightly burned because I was used to cooking with cast iron. We saved our Green Stamps for two months to purchase a broom and we lived on love because that was all we had.

A year later we moved back to Oklahoma for him to go to college and lots of months we lived on prayers and love but with both of us working at whatever we could find, he got his education in three and a half years...and we had our first child, a son, Lemar, during that time.

Three years later we had added two daughters, Amy and Ginny, to the family while we were in Kansas. Still livin' on love and prayers, we stretched every dollar and made the Honorable Abe Lincoln squeal as we even had to stretch pennies in those days. Teacher's pay wasn't so great but hey, we had a full set of mismatched pots and pans, a broom and enough beds for three kids so we counted ourselves as truly blessed.

Lookin' back today, the time has gone so fast. We've had tough times that drew us closer together, good times that we still laugh about and we raised three amazing kids. Our son is a biology teacher, our daughter is an English teacher and our youngest daughter works in an office where she's a cracker jack in the order entry world. They've made us proud parents and when we count our blessings, they top the list.

We've achieved more than those two young kids that started out ever hoped to accomplish in their lifetime. Life has been good to us and for us...so today I'd like to take a minute to tell Mr. B thank you for living and loving me for fifty years. And if you go on before me like it says in the song, then walk real slow because I can't imagine livin' long in this world without you. Sit on the bench at the bottom of the stairs up to the Pearly Gates, darlin', and I'll be along in just a little while. You know I'll need to hold your hand so I can get up those steps.