Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Give a Southern Woman a Glue Gun!

My daughter's good friend is going to the Kentucky Derby. What comes to mind when you think of that? Yep, all those fancy hats.

So we decided to make her a hat, more as a joke than something that she would wear. We started with a glue gun and an old straw hat and pretended we were milliners from back when women wore BIG hats decorated with all kinds of shhh...stuff!

Flowers first and birds and butterflies and bling and ribbon and a cardinal on the top. The little red bird is motion activated and sings just like the real thing when anyone walks by or even wiggles the hat. It's truly a masterpiece and I'm sure if we could enter it in a contest we would win the prize for the ugliest hat to ever go to the Derby.

Yes, ma'am, give a southern woman a bunch of silk flowers and a glue gun and it's amazing the damage she can do. And here are the pictures to prove it!

The back of our masterpiece with the bow and although you can't see the trailing ribbons they are definitely there! After all what's a hat without ribbons blowing in the wind.
The front with our cardinal sitting and singing proudly in his next of leaves and shiny bling. The blue butterfly over to the left of center seemed to like the pink roses.

And this is my Ginny modeling the hat. I can't wait to see her friend's expression (Ginny is going to take a picture for me when her friend first sees it). The poor lady is probably going to faint dead away because Ginny won't tell her at first that she doesn't really have to wear it!


  1. That is too funny! It is so ugly it cute. You did a better job then the milliners did with the hats worn by Prince Williams cousins to his and Princess Kate wedding.

  2. You all were just having too much fun!

  3. Amazing hats... I wish I could wear a hat. But they just don't suit me. Now those Fashionaiters, well they would look great on me.