Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Yellow Rose Beauty Shop...

It's here! It's here!
Excitement is dancing around southern Oklahoma like a sugared up kid after a day at Grandma's house.
It's the third and final book in the Cadillac Series...at least for now! Agnes and Violet have a whole new situation to draw up sides and argue about. The gossip is hot and everyone wonders about that sign down on the church lawn...
Here's a little snippet:
“Gossip has it that she just said to pray for you, that you needed a husband, and they prayed. But this morning everyone is speculating about why you need a husband and if it’s safe to breathe in all these fumes if you are pregnant and who the father is.”
Stella leaned against the counter. “Oh. My. God.”
The business. Dammit! The beauty shop would fold. They’d only been open a year. “Everyone in town knows?”
“Probably. Didn’t you drive past the church on your way to work this morning?”
Stella shook her head.
Trixie flipped open her phone. “I took a picture.”
“Of the church?” Stella asked.
“Of the sign. See.”
There it was right on the big white wooden sign located at the edge of church lawn in black lettering: Pray For My Daughter. She Needs a Husband.
It's getting wonderful reviews at Goodreads:
I absolutely adored this book! I don't think I have ever laughed so much or felt so compelled to tell my husband many of the funny things that occurred in this book. I could really see something like this happening in a small Southern town and I think the realism is what made this believable and hilarious. I couldn't even begin to pick a favorite character, as they all played an important role in this comedic romance. No criticisms from me at all, and I cannot wait to get some more books from this author! She is an absolute hoot! ...Courtney
* * * * *
Carolyn Brown is just awesome! She remains the best at creating small towns that are quirky and more than a little insane. Even while writing about people that you might just be related to.
I don't think I have read a Carolyn Brown book yet that I haven't laughed my way through.. Of course a lot of shaking of head and rolling of eyes are usually included. Then there's the desire, the desire to live in such a town and of course there's the recognition. You know when you see your mother, sister, friend written in the words on the page. And finally, there's the connection...Shauni
* * * * *
If you are looking for a “Steel Magnolias” book set in Texas, then look no further than The Yellow Rose Beauty Shop. Like the previous books in the series, The Blue Ribbon Jalapeno Society and The Red Hot Chili Cook-Off, TYRBS brings back a host of past favorite characters from Cadillac, TX while letting us get to know the three owners of the beauty shop by the same name. Stella, Piper, and Charlotte are the second generation of formidable Texas women featured in this tale and they are as wild, crazy, and Southern as the main characters of the other books...Jamie
* * * * *
I can't wait to hear what all y'all think of it when you read it and I'd like to thank each of you in advance for reviews. I appreciate the time you take to write a review and also for your support: for telling your neighbors and friends about my books, for discussing them in your book clubs and for dropping notes to me! I have the best fans, family and friends in the world!


  1. Guess what I'm reading! Woke up to it down loading!

    1. Big, big hugs to you from me, the girls at the beauty shop, Agnes and Violet says "phfffttt" because she's just that way! LOL!!!

  2. The happiest days are when Carolyn has a new release! Will tell everyone they should read it!

  3. Happy Book Birthday!! I love ALL your books, so I can't wait to dive into this one!!

  4. It made my day when this arrived on my kindle. Happy release day!!!

  5. So excited to read this!!! I love the women you put in your books, strong, smart and sassy!

  6. Congratulation and Happy Book Birthday Miss Carolyn! THE YELLOW ROSE BEAUTY SHOP is going to be a big hit and even as I type this Amazon is packing many, many, many copies of this this awesome book, while out in the world, it is flying off the shelves of book stores every where. And guess what you deserve it!