Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


As an author I wait all year for the RWA Conference. It's where two thousand authors gather for workshops, visiting, eating, parties, visiting, eating, meetings with agents, editors, publishers, visiting, eating. We talk past books. We talk present books. We talk future books.
We pack. We plan. We anticipate. And it's finally here this week.
AND I've arrived. The schedule is full and I'll share some of what's going on with y'all each day. Last night when we FINALLY arrived...I'd forgotten that in this traffic a cab drive from the airport takes as long as driving from Davis, Oklahoma to Dallas...we were starving so we went over to Juniors for supper. Their potato pancakes are awesome but then so is their coffee and they serve it huge cups (not mugs but cups).
And right there at a table close to us was Marina Adair and Marnie! So we all came back to my room to talk about books some more. Here we are, bleary eyed from getting up so early...Marnie arrived  from Rome, Italy with a layover somewhere in Russia; and Shirley came from London...Marina from the west coast and Carolyn H. from Arizona!

Shirley, Carolyn B., Marnie, Marina and Carolyn H.

We're on the 39th floor of the hotel and this is our view (last night) from the window...I try not to look down at the cars below that resemble those toys my son played with when he was a little boy...
And today the fun really begins with breakfast with friends, lunch with another set of friends, meetings and the Literacy Signing tonight! If any of y'all are in or near NYC, it's free to the public and 400 authors will be signing books. all proceeds go to the Literacy Program! I'll be signing The Trouble With Texas Cowboys and The Yellow Rose Beauty Shop.


  1. I will look forward to your diary of f your adventure in NYC. Have a great conference.

  2. Have a great time! Wish we were all there! I couldn't look down either! That fear of heights thing! You'll have lots to tell us when you get back!

  3. Have a blast! Wish I could be there! Maybe RWA will come back to Atlanta soon!