Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Yesterday was so busy. First it was breakfast with my friends, Grace Burrowes, Shirley Marks and Carolyn Hughey. We discussed books, agents, publishers, the food and what we were working on next in our writing.
Then there was seeing folks I hadn't seen since last year. Like Cheryl Brooks and Cathy Genna.

Lunch with Kimberly Rocha, Janet Rodman, Jennifer Stoermer-Butler at Junior's. I'm glad there's not one of these restaurants in Davis, Oklahoma. My bathroom scales would flash "tilt"!
Meeting with my awesome editor, Kelli Martin. That's always so much fun!
Then there was the Literacy Signing. No, I did not sell all the books my publishers provided but I think Nora Roberts probably did!! Oops...Nora wasn't there...it was J. D. Robb!

 And after the whirlwind of a literacy signing that included about 500 authors, a small Montlake party and a couple of pictures with the ever sexy Sara Humphreys we went back to Junior's for cheesecake! Great way to end the day.
And this is our view from the 39th floor of the Marriott Marquise in the day time!
And the elevator that takes us up to that room!
Now I'm off to another day...see y'all tomorrow!


  1. Great Pics!! Looks like y'all are having a lot of fun.. Would love to be there.

  2. Would love to have a signed book from a lot of you authors!!!

  3. Wish I was there! Have double fun for me too! Especially eating cheesecake!

  4. Great pictures! Again I wish I was there!

  5. Thank you so much for my signed copy of The Yellow Rose Beauty Shop! It was so great to meet you in person yesterday! Thanks for sharing the pictures!