Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Winner and Recipes!

It's Sunday which means it's time to draw for the winner of a signed copy of The Blue Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee!! But first I want to thank everyone who has dropped by the blog site, who has commented or joined the site, or who has read my posts and told other folks about them. You are all appreciated so much. The winner of this week's signed book is Deniese Fawcett . Please send your snail mail address to ccbrown66@att.net and I'll get that sent to you!
Next week I will be giving away a signed copy of The Red Hot Chili Cook Off!

And now for the Sunday morning recipe.

Back when my youngest child was in the Executives (the show choir for the Davis High School) the Browns provided breakfast for the choir and their families on the day they performed at the Oklahoma State Fair. The menu was usually a crockpot full of sausage gravy, hot biscuits, oven omelets and homemade cinnamon rolls. It was the oven omelets that got dozens of recipe requests so that's what I'm sharing with you this lovely Sunday morning.


2 Dozen eggs
1 pound of browned sausage
1 pound of grated cheese (I like Colby Jack or mild cheddar)
An assortment of toppings...chopped onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, etc.
Picante Sauce (recipe follows)

Scramble one dozen eggs and spread them out evenly into the bottom of a 9x11 cake pan.
Top that with sausage, then half the cheese, another dozen scrambled eggs and the rest of the cheese. Bake at 350 degrees until the cheese is melted.

I made several of these since we were feeding about 50 people that morning so I covered them with a slightly damp tea towel and kept them in a warm oven until time to serve another pan full.

Each person can top it off with whatever they like. Most of my family likes a spoonful of picante on top of theirs so I'll share that recipe, too!

Picante Sauce

6 cans (15-16 oz) whole tomatoes
1 jar or can (12-15 oz) jalapenos (If you buy in bulk like we do then about 2 cups with plenty of juice)
2 onions (about the size of tennis balls)
1 ½ Tablespoons garlic powder
1 ½ Teaspoons each of salt and pepper

Blend jalapenos, juice, stems and all with the onions until smooth. Pour into a gallon container. (I use an old plastic tea pitcher just for this. Once you make picante in it, don’t try to use it for tea again!) Blend the tomatoes to the consistency that you like. Mr. B hits the pulse button about three times but if you like chunks of tomatoes blend a little less. Add that to the pepper and onion mix. Add the spices. Stir well and store in the refrigerator.  

We save jelly jars to store it in because the kids like to take  a jar home every time they come through the house. My daughter who lives a hundred miles away usually asks her dad to make a whole gallon for her and we put it in a clean gallon milk jug…travels real well that way.


  1. Congrats Denise! I'm going to have to try the picante sauce. My son makes his recipe but you have to have a fire extinguishers and a box of tissue sitting next to you. He uses those ghost peppers.

  2. Kim, this isn't really hot but you can adjust the heat by using a few less peppers or another can of tomatoes!! Enjoy!!!

  3. Congratulations Denise! Enjoy the book. I am going to make the oven omelette for my Dad's Birthday. What with him having Alzheimer disease it is easier for me to take his birthday brunch to him. This sounds like a winner. Thanks for sharing Carolyn.

  4. Congrats Denise! Enjoy the book!!!