Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday Snippet...

Wild Cowboy Ways is on preorder sale for only $4.99 and will be out Dec. 22, so today I'm going to treat you to an excerpt. Hang on to your preorder proof from wherever you order it because there will be a fantastic contest beginning in a few weeks to celebrate the publication day and you might need that proof!!!
So here it is folks...never before seen footage of Wild Cowboy Ways!
Katy Logan popped her hands on her hips. That gesture usually brought all three girls to attention but since Fiona was in Houston, only Lizzy and Allie sat up straighter in their chairs. “No one ever lasts over there at the Lucky Penny so promise me that you won’t do any more than fix his roof. I heard he’s pretty damned handsome.”
Allie put up both palms, fingers splayed. “For God’s sake, Mama. I’m not going to marry the man. I’m going to put a roof on his house and that’s it.”
Katy pushed her dark hair, with streaks of white starting to show, behind her ears. “Your grandmother said he looked at you like he could eat you up.”
Allie took down four plates from the cabinet, put the silverware in the top one and started setting the table for breakfast. “Hell’s bells, Mama. Granny was so busy talking about Walter that she didn’t know who she was or where she was. And I smelled like pine oil and ammonia. I don’t think he wanted to bite into that. He flirted with me to get me to say I’d fix his roof. His kind isn’t interested in women like me.”
Her youngest sister, Lizzy, whipped her dishwater blonde hair up into a pony tail and went to the pantry to get several bottles of syrup. “Why can’t you find a good decent man like my Mitch? He wouldn’t have to be a preacher but he needs to be a godly man.”
“I had a man who went to church. I fell in love with him and gave him my heart and he broke it so no, thank you, not just to godly men but to any man. I’m going to the Lucky Penny to put a roof on the house, not have a fling with the new cowboy in town,” Allie said.
Lizzy plopped the syrup on the table and went to the refrigerator for the butter dish. “If you go over to the Lucky Penny, you can bet you’ll be in the gossip spot light even worse than when you left Riley. Besides every unmarried woman in Throckmorton County probably is layin’ out plans to get to know Brian. I heard that Sharlene was making a Mexican casserole to take to him. You know what that means.”
Allie popped Lizzy on the arm. “His name is Blake and I did not leave Riley. He left me and that was seven years ago. And yes, I know that Sharlene expects something hot in return for her hot Mexican casserole.”
“Mama, she hit me,” Lizzy said.
“I barely touched you,” Allie protested.
“Don’t get all pissy with me,” Lizzy said. “I’m trying to make you see that this is a bad idea. You can’t stop gossip and it’s been a long dry spell in town for good rumors.”
“Bullshit!” Allie brought out butter and a bowl of fruit. “A roofing job will only last a week. What can happen in a week?”


  1. Ok now I want it now! Peaked my interest right away

  2. I so can't wait to read the whole book. Nobody does Cowboys like you. Love the teaser excerpts.

  3. This is going to be a great book!! I'm dying to know what happens now.

  4. This is going to be a great book!! I'm dying to know what happens now.