Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Now that it is November I can say that I have not one but TWO books coming out next month! On December 15, The Wedding Pearls will be published and one week later on Dec. 22, Wild Cowboy Ways will hit the shelves.
And they are both priced at only $4.99!!

And I'm going to run a couple of contests that will have these two items as prizes...

For The Wedding Pearls, a pearl and diamond necklace since a strand of pearls has a big part in the story. And since Wild Cowboy Ways will be the 75th book and that's the diamond anniversary, I'm giving away a double heart diamond necklace.

The details are still in the works but it does have a lot to do with preorders so save your proof of purchase from wherever you buy either book. I've got a goal of 4000 preorders from Amazon on Wild Cowboy Ways and right now I'm not even half way there. And the goal is the same for The Wedding Pearls.

There will also be a little contest going that concerns those who sign up for my newsletter and doing that might get you an extra ticket in the pearl and diamond contest. But it will definitely get you something extra on the day the books are published in the form of my newsletter. So that's what I know right now. If you want to get your name in the famous red boot, preorder The Wedding Pearls right HERE  and Wild Cowboy Ways right HERE and save your proof and sign up for my newsletter on my website...which you can get to right HERE.


  1. I pre-ordered both on April 15th! Can't wait to have two of your books in the same month! Christmas will come early!