Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Brain Cells...

I've been out of pocket with limited Internet for a few days. During that time my brother missed getting to talk to me on my birthday so he called today. I always love talking to him and we had quite the conversation and even solved one of the big issues of getting older. And that's why do lots of people have weight problems once they pass that big 5-0 birthday.

When we are born we have a head full of empty brain cells that are slowly filled up as we age. Filled with how to go from chewing on our hands as babies when we are hungry to chewing on a sirloin steak when we are older. Or simple things like how to walk, how to go to the potty (which just delighted our mothers when that brain cell went from empty to full), how to spell our name in school.

You got the jest there! We filled up brain cells very quickly through the next sixteen years. At that time we did lose a few to rebellious times. Burned through a few with reckless driving and a few more the night we smoked those cigars and drank chocolate root beers just to show the world we could and then a few more when we thought we knew more than our parents.

Then suddenly we were out on our own and learning things like the dishes in the sink did not magically wash themselves, the lawn did not mow itself...you know all those things that parents did that we thought were just done by unicorns and fairy dust. And boy, oh boy, did we fill up a lot of brain cells in those years.

Plus there was the training for a job that required billions of cells. It didn't matter if we were digging ditches or running a company, we had to learn how to do it. And that word LEARN was one of the main culprits in puffing up the old brain cells.

Then poof, we are at retirement age and our brain cells are all overflowing. So where do things go now? What do we do?

That's what my brother and I figured out this morning. All that stuff that used to go into brain cells now goes straight to our fat cells. It has to go somewhere and that's the only avenue left. Problem solved. You are welcome!

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