Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Snippet Saturday...

Today is Snippet Saturday...

For a few weeks on Saturday only, I'm going to give you a snippet of one of my books. It might be an upcoming book and I'll give you the first time ever exclusive excerpt or a scene from one that's been on the market for years!

Today's snippet comes from The PMS Club: (Dixie and her long-time boyfriend, Todd, are having a huge fight over her going away for the summer)

“And now Sara Evans with her new number one single and I don’t even have to tell you the title,” the radio DJ said and the song began about a young girl leaving so quick that she left the suds in the bucket and the clothes hanging out on the line.

            “That’s what you want, isn’t it?” Dixie said. “A sweet little wife who’ll stay home and do the laundry out on the back porch in a wash tub.”

            “Not literally,” Todd raised his coffee cup to remind her he wanted a refill. “But figuratively, yes, that’s what I want. A woman who knows her place. Who stays home and makes a home for her family. Who fills up her husband’s coffee cup when it’s empty. Dixie, you know there’s enough Riley money that I’d never spend all my inheritance in a lifetime. You don’t have to work, honey, so what’s this fight all about anyway. Besides, if you listen to that song, she’s leaving her home to run away with the love of her life.”

            “Well, bless her heart. She may be leaving for a life with her true love. The difference in her story and mine is that I’m just leaving. I hope you find someone to keep that cup full and the clothes on the line, Todd,” Dixie slapped the table top so hard that the crystal candlesticks rattled together. She picked up her purse and started out of the room, through the foyer and toward the front door.

            “If you walk out that door, Dixie Nelson, it’s over,” Todd said. “No wedding. No children. You’ll dry up an old maid.”

            Dixie didn’t even look back.

            She drove three miles back into the town of Greenbrier, parked her car in the garage and locked the door. She went through the two bedroom house mentally checking off each task. Thermostat was turned off. No need to cool a house all summer when she wouldn’t be there. Timer set on the lamps in the living room to come on at different times throughout the three months she’d be gone.

            By the time she heard the honk in the driveway, all she had to do was pick up her bags, turn on the security alarm and lock the door. Jill and Faith waved to her from the Jeep Cherokee and motioned that she was to load her things into the back.

            “So how did it go with Todd? He going to come see you every weekend? Somehow I can’t see him walking in the sand in his bare feet,” Faith grinned.

            “We won’t be seeing Todd,” Dixie said.

            “No!” Jill drove with one hand and covered her mouth with the other in one of her famous dramatic gestures. “You didn’t break up with Todd. Everyone in town says you’ll probably be married before the new year.”

            “Guess everyone in town is wrong. We did break up. He’s living in the wrong age. It’s probably his parent’s fault,” Dixie said.

            “They didn’t potty train him right?” Faith asked in mock seriousness.

            “No it’s all that money,” Dixie told her two best friends. “They think because they’re rich they can sit on their thrones and play God. The whole bunch of them would have been better off if they’d been born about thirty years before the Civil War.”

            “What’d you fight about?” Jill drove south toward Interstate 40. They’d take that route to Memphis, Tennessee then head south to Florida. By bedtime they’d be at the beach house.

            “His crazy notions. He thought we’d just get married at the end of the summer. I’d quit my job and have babies and keep his coffee cup full,” Dixie said.

            “He proposed?” Faith asked.

            “No, he demanded,” Dixie said. “And I’m not quitting my job. I love teaching. And I’m not going to be his little live in wifey person who jumps when he yells. I have opinions and ideas, too.”

            “What about that biological clock? It’s been ticking loudly for the past few months,” Jill asked, looking in the rear view mirror to make sure Dixie wasn’t crying.

            “I just took the battery of the damn thing for the next three months,” Dixie grinned at Jill’s worried reflection in the mirror. “Now enough of Todd Riley. Let’s go have a wonderful summer.”
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