Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy Monday...

Here's hoping that your week is starting off with glee as my friend, Holly Jacobs, says. And that it only goes up hill every day with happiness.

I've been in the writing cave all week and my goal was reached. When I'm writing a 90 thousand word book, the first 30 thousand words are like the foundation of building a house. It doesn't matter if I'm writing the seventh book in a series or a stand alone title because a whole new world is built in every single book. This is time when I'm getting to know the characters, their flaws and their strong points and it's when the hero and heroine are dancing around all that electricity that builds when they are in each other's presence. Will they ignore the chemistry? Will they embrace it? Will they take a step back and realize that common sense says they'd better not give in to that desire for just one little kiss to see if it's as good as it is in their dreams.

The second third of the book is what I start today. The foundation is laid. My characters and I know each other fairly well. They are comfortable enough living in my head that they now wake me up at night to tell me that I need to rewrite a scene or add a few details in the one I've already written. It's time to start building the walls, a place to hold the emotions and love they are building in their new relationship. Without walls, there would be no boundaries, no hope of ever having a place to hold their HEA if they ever reach it. There's still so many obstacles and road blocks they have to get around. One of my first editors told me once that you have to put your characters in a tree and throw rocks at them. Sometimes my characters find themselves on shaky tree limbs and I have a rocket launcher loaded with boulders instead of a fist full of rocks.

The last third of the book is when the finish carpentry begins. If you've ever remodeled or built a house from the ground up you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's that time when things start to come together, when there's finally hope that you are going to get to move into this place before long. It's the exciting part of the story. There's still a few road bumps and maybe even a rock or two left for my sling shot but still, there's hope for the HEA where it seemed impossible before.

So today, my characters and I are putting up studs (no pun intended) and a roof but they are still telling me that an HEA is impossible because it would ruin everything they've worked for their whole lives. We'll see...


  1. I am sure that building.. whoops I mean that book will be completed in record time.. Good luck

  2. I bet that house(book) will be beautiful!