Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Writing Cave!

So I got up this morning and told myself that today I was going to stay in my writing cave until I finished my word limit for the day. So I wrote a thousand words before breakfast, planted a few morning glory seeds and came back to my cave. I would have rather played outside all morning as worked but Fiona and Jud had been left in a bit of a pickle and I really needed to write them out of it or else they were going to stop talking to me. And it upsets me when my characters give me the silent treatment.

Fiona wasn't too happy that I'd left her all day Sunday and part of yesterday anyway so she flashed me the sign to the left and let me know right quick that there were other western romance writers out there and she could easily take her story to one of them. I'm not real fond of sitting in the truck so I wrote...and when the back yard began to call to me again, Jud Dawson (isn't that a sexy name?) showed me this thing on the back of a truck and I figured it was an omen for sure.

I grew weary about noon and stopped for a bite of dinner (that's the noon meal in my part of the world and supper is the night meal). That's when I found this inspirational sign and kept on going until I made it to the end of my daily goal. But since Jud and Fiona were deep in a conversation I went ahead and wrote another thousand words so they would sleep well that night.

And now I am done for this day. Tomorrow starts a brand new day with the same goal but a different set of circumstances. It's time for Fiona and Jud to put up the Christmas tree!

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