Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2014 Finalists!

I'm always excited when one of my books is chosen as a finalist in a contest! I'm so honored to announce that not one but two of my 2014 books have been chosen as finalists for the National
Reader's Choice Award. This contest is judged by readers only and means a lot to us as authors. Without our readers, we wouldn't have a job and it is simply awesome for them to take time from their busy schedules to read our books and judge them. So to all you readers who volunteered to judge this year: HATS OFF TO YOU!!!

How to Marry a Cowboy and Long, Hot Texas Summer are the two books in my 2014 list that were chosen as finalists. Y'all keep your fingers crossed for me.
                                                  The competition is stiff as you can see.

Roxanne St. Claire /  Barefoot in Lace
Jennifer Bernard /  The Night Belongs to Fireman
Carolyn Brown /  How to Marry a Cowboy
Kylie Gilmore /  The Opposite of Wild
Carolyn Brown /  Long, Hot Texas Summer
Crista McHugh /  A Seductive Melody
Terri Osburn /  Home to Stay
Wishing every single finalist good luck. For a complete list of all the categories click right HERE!!!


  1. Congrats Carolyn you deserve it! Your books Rock!

  2. I asked Gabby & Lily for a little help with this post.
    1. Write a story. It needs to be really good and should have cowboys and kissin' in it.
    2. Get a bunch of copies made so people can read it. Besides, it's way better when you don't have to share.
    3. Make as many people read it as you can. Tell them to buy copies for their friends too!
    4. Get nominated. "Hot damn, you already got this far!"
    5. Win. This one may be tough, but we figure you can do it. After all, you're our third favorite lady. Momma and Miranda beat you out, but that's still pretty good.