Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Excitement is bouncing around southern Oklahoma like a sugared up seven year old who just spent the day at Grandma's house.  HOT COWBOY NIGHTS in on the shelves and I'm so very excited about this story.

I first met Lizzy in Wild Cowboy Ways where she and I had some very long author/character talks about the way she was letting her fiancé change her into a whimpering woman. But she was going to marry that sucker no matter how much I tried to get her to change her ways, right up until the end of the book when she learned that I'd been right all along.

And then she met Toby at her sister's wedding and she found out just how much sass she'd lost in her recent relationship with Mitch. Hot Cowboy Nights is the story of how she got her sass back and discovered herself again.

Toby--well, it was a delight to have that hunky cowboy sitting beside me while I wrote the story! Sometimes I had to turn down the
air conditioner a few notches and I almost wore out one of those paper fans that's got a Bible verse on one side and an advertisement for a funeral home on the other.

Lizzy and Toby's story is on the shelves and ready to download! Enjoy your visit to Dry Creek, Texas and to the Lucky Penny Ranch!

Carolyn Brown


Lizzy and Toby were an amazingly adorable couple. They were funny, sweet, and supportive. They were real, down to earth, and they had their human moments. They had bad moods, got grumpy and then said sorry. They were honest and didn't play drama games. I felt like I got to be part of their relationship. I was on the journey with them while they got to really know each other and fall in love. There were some really sweet moments and some very funny ones as well. There is this skunk scene that cracked me up. I love when a book gives that to me, that lighthearted laughter. (Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession)

Hot Cowboy Nights (Lucky Penny Ranch) is another hit for Carolyn Brown! Carolyn Brown weaves a story that will have you wishing for your own hot cowboy for the night. Toby has come to town to help work his share of The Lucky Penny Ranch, and he meets Lizzy. Lizzy has been recently dumped by her fiancé before the wedding to be with another woman. Now with a hot cowboy living next door, things get steamy really fast. When Toby agrees to be her pretend boyfriend, he will have to keep his hands to himself in private. When things start to get serious, they will have to re-evaluate what they really want. I really loved this story and series. This book is a keeper and has me wanting the next story. Carolyn Brown’s heart warming stories always makes me smile. I recommend this story to everyone. I give Hot Cowboy Nights (Lucky Penny Ranch) 5/5 stars. (From Book Junkiez)

TOP PICK FROM NIGHT OWL REVIEWS...This small town setting provides lots of spice to the story with all the gossiping and neighborly disagreements, some that are even downright mean and the Lucky Penny Ranch provides its own share of intrigue to the story as the sexy cowboys build it up, but of course most of the excitement, fun and suspense comes from the romance itself as both Lizzy and Toby try to keep their romance make-believe. There is some snarky dialogue, some friendly competition and some secrets to add spice to the story and a bit of drama with the ex- fiancé adds some sensational flair and depth.
The Lucky Penny Ranch sure is fun to visit and the characters are quite entertaining so me being completely ensnared by this story isn’t surprising nor is the fact that I can’t wait to read the next one.

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