Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

One week from today...

Toby and Lizzy's story hit the markets one week from today. Preorder today and it could be on
your ereader when you wake up on May 31!

A little excerpt:
Lizzy’s plan was to sneak inside the house, up the stairs and into her room. She could already feel the cool water from the shower, washing away the hot sex still lingering on her body.
Her plan did not work.
She hadn’t even kicked her boots off in front of the hall tree when her sister, Allie, shot out of the kitchen, grabbed her by the hand and tugged her into the kitchen.
“Where have you been? I’ve called a dozen times and we were ready to start up a search and rescue party to find you. Mama says you’ve been puttin’ in too many hours at the store. You’ve got to get out of this depression, Lizzy. Mitch isn’t worth it. He’s a sorry son of a bitch, but don’t let him ruin your life. Tomorrow is June first and I declare it the day that you are moving forward with your life.” Allie stopped for a breath and looked around at the other three people in the kitchen. “She’s here. Get out the ice cream, Mama, so we can tell y’all our news.”
Toby, the scalding hot cowboy that she’d been in bed with not thirty minutes ago, winked slyly at her from across the room. That there were sparks bouncing around the kitchen was no surprise; that they didn’t set the wallpaper on fire, now that was a downright miracle.
Lizzy pulled out a kitchen chair and melted into it. Droplets of water still hung from Toby’s hair so he’d had time for a shower before he’d been dragged across the fence to Lizzy and her mother’s house. If she hadn’t had to run by her feed store for a late delivery, she might have already had time to clean up, too. But fate had not liked her in a very long time.
 Her mother, Katy, dipped ice cream into five bowls. These days she was less stressed, now that Granny was in a care facility in Wichita Falls that specialized in treatment and care of folks with dementia and Alzheimer’s.
Lizzy’s older sister, Allie, looked like she was about to explode with some kind of fabulous news. Her husband, Blake O’Donnell, had one of those smiles on his face that a dose of alum couldn’t erase. And then there was Blake’s brother, Toby, leaning against the wall, his rock hard body sending waves of desire shooting through her body like blasts of lightning. It wasn’t fair that he could stand there all calm and collected while butterflies fluttered around in her stomach.
Mitch, her ex fiancĂ©e, had been right. God did not like her because her ancestor had turned Audrey’s Place from a hotel to a brothel back in the depression days. An hour ago she was having wild, hot sex with Toby in the back of her Mama’s convenience store in Dry Creek, Texas. Sweet Jesus! Why did he have to be right there in the room with her so soon after they’d gotten all slick with sweat on that twin sized bed in the back room?  
Allie and Katy carried the ice cream to the table and as luck would have it, Toby sat beside Lizzy around the table made for four people. His thigh pressed against hers and she had trouble concentrating on the ice cream, the excitement in her sister’s dark brown eyes, her brother-in-law’s grin or anything else.
“We had the ultra sound done yesterday and it’s a girl...” Allie reached for Blake’s hand.
Katy’s spoon hit the table with a thud.
Toby jumped up and hugged his brother across the table.
Lizzy felt as if someone sucked all the oxygen from her lungs and left her to smother to death in a grove of mesquite trees. She was happy for Allie but still, she wanted more than secret nights of sex with no strings attached. Her body, soul and heart ached for a husband and a family.

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  1. Preordered all the new ones .Thanks for such great books