Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Sunday, September 6, 2015


My Sunday morning sermon to me this week is to think about all the people, past and present, who have inspired me! Maybe it was with a pat on the back (I miss you Sister), a smile (Love you Lilybet and all the rest of my grandchildren), encouragement (the list is so long), a little constructive criticism (Thinking of Kelli and Leah), a wink when I was down (Hello, Grandma Hoover), or a simple hug (Mr. B gives the best), a giggle (Ginny, come out of that corner and take a bow) and that's only to name a few.

The list of those who have inspired me would fill a book, maybe even a series! So this Sunday morning I'm taking the time to think of everyone who has inspired me to be who I am today, no matter what hat I'm wearing--Sister, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Writer, Christian, Chief Dishwasher, Cook, Friend or any of the other hats in my closet. Without all  y'all I wouldn't be where I am today.