Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Secrets will float to the top when the time and circumstances are right. It doesn't matter if they've been put away for nearly sixty years or if they were just hidden a couple of months ago. They will come out.

Four generations of women have made a drastic move for the summer but at the end of those few months, when the secrets are all out in the open, they aren't so sure they want to leave the little  Oklahoma farm where they've become a family instead of four people connected loosely by DNA.

I promised you folks an Saturday excerpt and I've chosen Hidden Secrets for today's little teaser. With 281 Five Star Book Reviews, it is part of a Kindle sale at Amazon and is on sale for only $2. Click HERE to go right to the site. And to anyone who might be considering Hidden Secrets for a Book Club Discussion, I do have book club questions I'll be glad to send to you.

Kim's tall, elegant great-grandmother on a farm in Oklahoma was a vision that Kim couldn’t even drag up from the bottom of her imagination. Hannah Brewer, the queen of the Brewer Hotel, out in the middle of a garden? Hannah had never even been to the vineyards of the winery because she might break a perfectly manicured fingernail or a West Virginia breeze might ruffle her gray hair.

Hannah went on. “My mind is made up. Has been since John called this morning and told me Norma was dead. Didn’t expect her to leave me the farm but I’m not surprised. Anyway, I’m going and you are coming with me. Computers scare the dickens out of me and John says everything she did was kept on one. He can’t operate the stupid thing. You are good with them so that is your new summer job.”

“Nanna, who is John?”

“John Rayford, and he’s Norma’s neighbor on the north. Luke O’Neal is her neighbor on the south. They are both cattle ranchers and her place is a little hundred and twenty acre stretch right between them. They were her friends and John called me this morning to tell me that she died about daybreak. She left him a letter telling him what to do. First thing was tell me I inherited the farm. Next was to cremate her. The third was not to have a funeral,” Hannah said.

“And why haven’t you mentioned this woman? Does Momma or Grandmother know about her?” Kim asked.

“No, they don’t. I’ll explain it on the trip. You go on and call the rental place for a car or a van and pack. Casual things with maybe two outfits for church. We’ll be attending the church in Milburn where she went.”

Kim took a deep breath. “Nanna, you can’t work in a garden or gather fruit.”

“I can do anything I please and don’t you be telling me I can’t.” Hannah waved her away as she poked in her daughter’s phone number with the other.

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  1. Funny that you'd share this book this week. I'm putting a basket together for my library's Love of Books fundraiser. I've been trying to think up some things to go with the book. So far, I've got homemade peach jelly, some blueberry preserves, and most likely, a jar of fresh salsa. I'll have to reread the book and then check out my garden for more. If you've got any ideas, I'll gladly take notes. :-)