Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Big People Ice Cream Truck...

I saw a cute little sign this evening that said there should be a margarita truck that rolled around the neighborhood playing mariachi music. Then when the adults heard it they could all run out to the curb with a fist full of dollars and buy one from the vendor.

It got me to thinking about that big people ice cream truck and what all it could offer. You know an ice cream truck doesn't only offer vanilla, but they've got those red, white and blue bombs, and orange sherbet pushups and those waffle cone things with caramel and nuts on the top.

So why limit it to margaritas and mariachi music?

Each hour it could serve up something different and play different music. George Strait coming down the road could be the hour that they serve up beer. Your choice of cans, bottles, lite or full body. Men would tuck their remotes into their hip pockets, hunt up stray pennies and stampede to the curb.

Then there could be a middle of the afternoon hour that means the wine truck is on the way. The little sign at the top could offer white, red, watermelon, blackberry or even those fancy French ones that I can't spell or pronounce. Believe me, if you'd make the driver look like the guys on the covers of romance books, the ladies would gather up all their spare change and be waiting in line at the curb. AND you could make an extra hundred dollars selling those little white hot flash pills for a dollar a pop with each glass of wine.

The sky would be the limit. All it would take was a few extra signs to put up to go with the music of the hour. The idea might be partly mine but I'll give it to anyone who wants to go into business.

You are welcome!

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