Y'all come on in!

Y'all come on in!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Another idea...

This is for those folks who are out looking at used ice cream trucks this morning.

I was looking at the pictures of the sweet tea on the top of my blog and another idea for the big people's ice cream truck came to me.

Our culture is moving slowly toward the east. I'm talking about southern sweet tea so if anyone in the northern part of the state has found a truck and is reluctant to make it into a beer wagon (I do like the idea of George Strait music filling the air) or wine, and you live in the north/north east areas. Think about making sweet tea for your new venture.

The way the folks out there buy tea in gallons at the grocery store, I bet you could make a fortune with a Southern Sweet Tea Wagon and you could play Dolly Parton, Josh Turner and a whole medley of country tunes as you drive around the neighborhoods.

You are welcome, once again!

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  1. That would be nice !We have a Mexican food truck coming buy on weekends that plays Mexican music .We have ice cream truck also but they charge the poor kids for 1 what they could get a box full at the store.